Cyprus Institute of CSR

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Welcome to the Cyprus Institute of CSR

The Cyprus Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility has one purpose and that is to enable companies to create positive change by doing things that matter – the right way. By empowering companies to achieve their full potential, goals are met productively and profitably.  At the same time, we ensure that everything is done in full accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility; by ensuring that you perform in a way that is ethically and morally correct, CSR acts as a business tool that enables you to achieve this in a powerful way, both effectively and efficiently.

As an organisation, the Cyprus Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility provides three main services to its clients:

  • Corporate Strategy Consulting
  • CSR Consulting
  • CSR Training

We work with the best

As a leading CSR consulting firm, we are used to working with high level executives, enabling them to make the correct decisions in order to deliver sustainable success.  Passionate about what we do, the results that we bring about are uniquely tailored to suit each client.  Our advice covers all key areas and critical issues such as general strategy, organisational structure, marketing, operational efficiency, technological advances, detailed analytics, change management, sustainability, finance and mergers or acquisitions.  All industries and all sectors fall under our umbrella, enabling clients to achieve solid results that last.

You will find our team supportive and adept, supporting your decisions to show measurable impact.  Because we focus on strategic decision making that is practical and rooted in reality, momentum begins to build from day one of our engagement.  Our clients trust us because we make a difference; companies are transformed operationally, strategically and organisationally. Growth is always targeted to be long-term, bolstered by our collaborative efforts which enable us to tailor solutions to suit every given situation.

If you are looking to achieve results that count, the Cyprus Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility has to power to make your hopes for the future reality.


CSR consulting & training for businesses

Our CSR consultancy and training will empower you to achieve real change and will involve the whole of your workforce.

We Work With ISO 26000

ISO 26000 offers guidance on socially responsible behavior and possible actions. There are three ways it is different from the more widespread standards designed for companies to use to meet particular requirements for activities such as manufacturing, managing, accounting and reporting.

  • ISO 26000 is a voluntary guidance standard that does not contain requirements such as those used when a standard is offered for “certification”. There is a certain learning curve associated with using ISO 26000, because there is no specific external reward – certification – explicitly tied to ISO 26000. ISO recommends that users say, for example, that they have “used ISO 26000 as a guide to integrate social responsibility into our values and practices.”
  • ISO 26000 is designed for use by all organizations, not only businesses and corporations. Organizations, such as hospitals and schools, charities (not-for-profits), etc. are also included. ISO 26000 makes particular efforts to show that its flexibility means that it can be applied by small businesses and other groups as well. So far, many of the earliest users of ISO 26000 have been multi-national corporations, especially those based in Europe, and East Asia, particularly Japan.
  • ISO 26000 was developed through a multi-stakeholder process, meeting in eight Working Group Plenary Sessions between 2005 and 2010, with additional committee meetings and consultations on e-mail throughout the five-year process. Approximately five hundred delegates participated in this process, drawn from six stakeholder groups: Industry, Government, NGO (non-governmental organization), Labor, Consumer, and SSRO (Service, Support, Research and Others – primarily academics and consultants). Leadership of various task groups and committees was “twinned” between “developing” and “developed” countries, to ensure viewpoints from different economic and cultural contexts. Since ISO operates on a parliamentary procedure form based on consensus, the final agreed-on standard was the result of deliberation and negotiations; no one group was able to block it, but also no one group was able to achieve its objectives when others strongly disagreed. The goal was to make ISO 26000 accessible and usable by all organizations, in different countries, precisely because it reflects the goals and concerns of each and all of the stakeholder groups in its final compromise form.



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