CSR consulting & training for businesses

If you are seeking to network with a professional training organisation that can provide you with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy and training that will sustain and build your business then the Cyprus Institute of CSR will satisfy your every need.  As expert consultants in the field of CSR, we work with ISO 26000 and we are here to provide you with professional and skilled CSR Consulting and CSR Training.

Why CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the process that is used to assess your company’s effect upon society in general.  Your responsibilities are evaluated with everything about your organisation being examined in detail, such as:  customers, suppliers, employees, working environment and your overall impact upon your area of operation.

If you already have a CSR Policy in place, then this should be used to improve your communication and relationship with the environment and those within it.  You should always be monitoring your business to ensure that it is performing responsibly and ethically.  But CSR is about much more than just compliance.  By treating your CSR involvement honourably and taking the legislation seriously then you and your whole workforce are ensured of working towards a mutual policy of respect for the environment and its people.  Your organisation needs to get involved so that it can maintain its CSR goals effectively without impacting negatively upon your business.

Benefits of CSR

Research shows that a vast percentage of customers are far more likely to purchase from a company that works hard to improve society.  If you want to increase your customer base then you need to be 100% sure that your company operates in an ethical and responsible way.  Failure to do so can soon find you out on social media, leaving your image dented.  Implementing CSR policies in the right way will enhance your business, not drain it.

Broadcast your CSR practices in order to:

  • Boost customer retention
  • Boost your reputation
  • Enhance relationships with your network of customers & suppliers
  • Ensure a happy and contented work team
  • Generate positive publicity via the media due to your ethical activities
  • Increase business
  • Stand out from the crowd

Achieve positive change

Our CSR consultancy and training will empower you to achieve real change and will involve the whole of your workforce.  Every team member needs to understand your CSR policy in order to work with it.  Our training course will enable you to put in place bespoke CSR policies to suit your business, providing you with affordable ways of measuring success.  The training package includes plenty of useful tips, in-depth learning and real-life case studies.  Make use of our CSR training to create your own in-house CSR team that can take hold of your policy and use it to achieve powerful penetration whilst showcasing yourselves as a sustainable and ethical business.

Contact us now to find out just how affordable, powerful and attainable our CSR consultancy and training services are.